Bulk Coal

About Coal

Bulk Coal Suppliers in South Africa

Omni Energy Consultants started out with the objective of becoming the ‘Numero Uno’ bulk coal supplier in South Africa. We supply different grades of coal. Some of the industries require a lower grade of coal due to the boiler settings. Boilers that have an output of above 80% generally use higher graded coals such as Grade A to increase their efficiency.

The demand for bulk coal is considerably higher here in South Africa as it is still the primary source of electricity. Thermal coal is also the primary source in cement industries. Bulk coal (metallurgical coal) is also a key ingredient in the steel industry. Bulk coal that is available for sale comes in two different variants, washed and unwashed.

Coal is a relatively soft coal containing a tar-like substance called bitumen or asphalt. It is of higher quality than lignite coal but of poorer quality than anthracite. Formation is usually the result of high pressure being exerted on lignite.

Different types we offer and source:

  • Slurry
  • Duff
  • Spiral
  • Peas
  • Small/Large Nuts
  • Grains




A 27,5 MJ/KG +
B 26,5 MJ/KG – 27,5 MJ/KG
C 25,5 MJ/KG – 26,5 MJ/KG
D 24,5 MJ/KG – 25,5 MJ/KG

Grade A of bulk coal (washed) has 26-28% of volatile matter. The moisture content ranges from 4% to 6% while sulphur is less than 0.6%. Fixed carbon in Grade A bulk coal is 56-59%.

The calorific value of Grade B (washed) bulk coal typically ranges from 26-27.5%. The presence of volatile matter is near about 27%. The sulphur content and moisture content are similar to the A Grade. Fixed carbon in Grade B bulk coal is 2-3% less than that in the Grade A coal.

Fixed carbon in Grade C (washed) coal ranges from 46% to 49%. The moisture content is higher (5-7%). The Calorific value of this grade of bulk coal for sale is 24-26%.

D Grade (unwashed coal) has much lower calorific value than its preceding grades. While Fixed carbon ranges from 54% to 56%, the moisture content varies between 4-6%.

We, at Omni Energy, mainly supply Grade A coal for coal-burning boilers across various industries. Coal peas are also applied where high volatiles are needed.




Large Nuts: 45mm x 75mm
Small Nuts: 25mm x 45mm
Peas: 8mm x 25mm
Grains: 6mm x 12mm
Duff: 2mm X 6mm
Spiral: < 3mm