The Wheels of Omni Energy Consultants

Coal continues to constitute a large part of South Africa’s economy. Omni Energy is turning out to be one of the leading coal transporters in South Africa.

If you have gone through our website, you will know that a large section of the coal mined is used by the residential sector. Coal is also precious to South Africa as it is also the source of electricity. As an export commodity, coal has generated millions of Rand in the foreign exchange market. Coal is truly the ‘black gold’ of South Africa.

Coal transportation by rail

Coal transportation by road

We, at Omni Energy, have taken the advantage of our country’s extensive rail network. The railway’s transportation network has recuperated since its fall a few years ago. The freight trains have enabled smooth transportation of coals in the major cities and the countryside. We ensure a steady transport facility by rail. We strive to be on time and make certain that there is no loss of this precious element on the way.

Road freight is another major sector which contributes to South Africa’s economy. We use this form of transport, especially where it is not possible to access by the railways. Omni Energy has both the ways of transportation of coal open to their clients. We offer road transport facilities at the best price. We transport anthracite coal for the household as well as bulk coal for industrial purposes by both road and rail. For more information, you can email at We match clients with transportation services in order to transport goods. Our responsibility is to match authorised and reliable transportation carriers to the clients and co-ordinate all of the shipping needs of many companies. We can transport bulk, break and various other commodities.